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Grooming & Fragrance

About Men’s Fragrance & Grooming

At Todd Snyder, no gentleman has a complete look without considering men’s fragrances and an exceptionally crafted men’s grooming kit. Made with natural, active ingredients, our men’s grooming products replenish and hydrate your skin so that it feels soft and revitalized. From plant-based cleansers to calming lotions, our men’s grooming products are a must-have for those who want only the best skincare and men’s fragrances. Our men’s grooming kit has everything you need to enhance your skincare. With our soothing lotions, you can enjoy vibrant skin that feels as healthy as it looks. Our men’s fragrances are made with exceptional notes, so you can feel as luxurious as a cashmere sweater. With our men’s shaving kit, you can upgrade your usual routine with products that elevate your skin’s appearance and confidence, no matter where your schedule takes you next. Wherever you’re going—whether it’s rain or shine—our men’s grooming kit is your trusted partner. When you’re preparing for an evening indulging in your favorite meals on a date, add a dab of our men’s fragrance with your suit for an amazing night out. If you’re out with friends on vacation, squeeze in a fresh shave with our men’s shaving kit so you’re ready to greet the day in your favorite shorts. Our men’s grooming necessities are great from winter to fall, regardless of the occasion. The selective nature of our ingredients ensures that you only enjoy the finest natural scents and products. With an emphasis on natural health, Todd Snyder wanted to create products that he would use, too. That’s why our men’s fragrance and men’s grooming kit is made with simple but effective ingredients crafted with our customers in mind. To upgrade your skincare and men’s grooming routine, shop our collection today.