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Wearing Denim in the Summer

July 30, 2013 2 min read

When it comes to wearing denim, the rubber really meets the road during the hotter months. As the temperature rises and humidity sets in, the need to cool off with a pair of shorts is highly desirable and totally understandable. However, if you recently started breaking in a pair of selvedge denim or the day calls for something more formal than shorts, then use these few tips to stay cool while wearing denim in the summer.

No socks
For a lot of sartorially inclined people, wearing shoes without socks during the hotter months is a must to avoid overheating. If you can’t go full sockless for fear of comfort or excessive sweating, try Mocc Socks which functions as loafer socks with no visibility.

Cuffing your denim is an art form to some people. Whether folded or rolled, the breathability on your ankles will help provide a little relief from the smothering heat.

Lightweight Denim
Everyone is aware that denim comes in all shapes and sizes but you might not know that denim comes in different weights. The lightest weight denim comes in under 10 oz where the heavyweight can clock in over 16 oz. Opting for a lighter weight denim may come in handy during the summer but won’t offer much protection from the elements during the colder months so choose accordingly. Our selvedge denim is made from the perfect medium weight of 12.5 to 13 oz.

The last step is the most extreme but I have seen it done. Some true denim fanatics place their denim in the freezer to kill bacteria as another way of avoiding washing them and thus prolonging their wearing streak. Although I don’t know if the “freezer method” actually works in that respect, I’m pretty sure that it works in the “keeping you cool department.” Just be aware that the initial shock of putting them on is not for the faint of heart.