Breaking-In: Three Months

By Skip Brooks |

*Over the course of the year, I’m wearing a pair of Todd's Indigo Selvedge Denim and documenting the process in a series called “Breaking-In.” Check back each month for progress shots and more tips on how to break in your denim.

This is the third month wearing the Indigo Selvedge Denim which also marks the point of no return for some people as far as washing their jeans goes. The jury is still out on whether washing them frequently or holding out produces the better fades but for the sake of this project, I’m going to attempt to wear them for a full 12 months. The longest I’ve ever gone without washing my denim was 7 months so I’m truly curious to see if going a year makes a difference.

Cell phone fades in the front left pocket.

Back pockets with Architect’s and Billykirk wallet.

Honeycombing on the back is about the same as last month.

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