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Style: NBA Players

April 23, 2013 2 min read

The NBA regular season is over and the playoffs have begun but if you were watching closely, a lot of the best moves were actually made off the court and in the style arena. From Lebron James’ trenchcoat to Dwayne Wade’s 3 piece suit, we pick our starting five for the NBA’s most stylish players.

Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers
Blake knows a thing or two about playing above the rim but he brings it down to earth nicely with this great cardigan look. Easily achieve Blake’s look by switching out your blazer every once in awhile for a well fitted cardigan.

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat
Equally smooth on the court as he is off the court, Dwyane Wade knows how to turn it on when he has to in the style department. Case in point: wearing a three piece suit on his off day. And part of the major reason why a three piece suit works so well is because it’s rarely seen on a day to day basis.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durant’s ballgame is so versatile that he can play almost every position on the court and he uses that versatility quite well when it comes to his style. Whether wearing fitted plaid shirts with a backpack that makes him like a well dressed college student, sporting leather jackets with ties for a true badass look, or in a plain black suit Durant truly knows how to put an outfit together.

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers
The cardigan gets another vote of confidence from assist guru Chris Paul. As his teammate, Blake Griffin, dressed up his cardigan with a tie, Paul went with a more casual look by forgoing the tie and paring the sweater with slim cargo pants. It’s the perfect casual look.

Lebron James, Miami Heat
Lebron James is not only king of the hardwood but the king of style as well. He always looks stylish off the court and this trench coat is the perfect example of how one piece of clothing can make an outfit. Invest in a good trench or outerwear piece that will never go out of style and watch how you quickly rack up points and compliments in the style department.