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Breaking-In: Two Months

April 22, 2013 1 min read

*Over the course of the year, I’m wearing a pair of Todd's Indigo Selvedge Denim and documenting the process in a series called “Breaking-In.” Check back each month for progress shots and more tips on how to break in your denim. Here's the first month for comparison.

After two months of wearing the Indigo Selvedge denim, the biggest change that I see from last month is in back pockets. From driving in the car to sitting at my desk, it shouldn't be a surprise so far that most of the wear and tear are on the backside of the denim.

The fades of my billykirk card case is become more pronounced as well as the fades of the Architect’s wallet. The wallet comes with a SpacePen which is really started to show.

As a father of two little kids under the age of 5, I am constantly on my knees, which always leads to quick fades and looming holes.

Although I didn’t show it last month, I usually keep a L.L. Bean Swiss Army Pocket Knife in the coin pocket so I'm curious to see when these fades will start appearing.