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Closer Look: Brown Chino Cargo Pants

April 16, 2013 1 min read

A short time ago, cargo pants were seen as the official pants for teenagers and young college students alike thanks to their baggy fit and over-sized pockets. But recently designers such as Todd Snyder re-imagined the pants for the modern man by making them slimmer and with a slimmer fit. So along with a closer look of the Brown Chino Cargo Pant, I asked Todd to elaborate about the design process and what items he places in his cargo pockets.

This fall you put pockets in the front of your cargo pants. What was the idea behind that decision?
Todd Snyder: I wanted to change it a bit and move the pockets to the front. I was inspired by a pair of British Military Cargos.

Did you wear cargo pants a lot as a kid?
TS: Yes, I did. Its always been a basic in my wardrobe.

What did you put in your pockets then as opposed to what's in your pockets now?
TS: Back then, I used to put everything I could think of in my pockets. Now, I am much more selective. Only the essentials: iPhone and earbuds.