Carry-on: Skip Brooks

By Skip Brooks |

As a photographer/writer, I try to keep it simple when I travel. The bulk of what I carry is my camera equipment but instead of boring you with numerous camera lenses, I decided to focus on the small things that I take with me. From my lucky Red Sox hat(ask me about it sometime) to my vintage inspired Mickey Mouse watch, these things go with me everywhere I go.

1. Lucky Red Sox Cap
2. Air Jordan IV Retro
3. MacBook Pro
4. Wm. J. Mills & Co. Duffle
5. Billykirk no. 155 Card Case
6. Disney x DR.x Recycled Mickey Mouse Chain
7. Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 30s Collection Windup Watch
8. Ray Bans Folding Wayfarer
9. Field Notes
10. Form Function Form Architect's Wallet w/ Space Pen
11. Jack Spade Briefcase
12. Todd Snyder Navy Knit Blazer
13. Harris Tweed Headphones
14. iPhone 4S
*Not seen: Canon 5d Mark ii and an assortment of lenses.

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