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Spring/Summer Style Guide: The Sandlot

April 02, 2013 2 min read

Next week marks the 20th Anniversary of one of the greatest coming of age movies of all time: The Sandlot. As a movie that’s already known for its humor, nostalgia, baseball, friendship and suspense, The Sandlot can also serve as a styling guide for this Spring/Summer season.

Canvas Sneakers
Canvas sneakers such as Jack Purcells, Todd Snyder and SeaVees collaboration, or the famous PF Fyler’s Benny wore to conquer the Beast, are always a comfortable pick during the warmer months.

Plaid Shirts
One can never go wrong with a plaid shirt. They’re just the quintessential all around summer shirt.

Prints are everywhere this season and for good reasons. Whether adorned with florals or patterns, add some prints to your spring/summer wardrobe for a quick boost in the sartorial department.

Baseball jerseys
Conventional wisdom says that jerseys should only be worn on game day but Yeah Yeah makes it work with this no-name/no-team style that recently made its way onto the runways.

Camo/Hunting colors
Here’s a great way of doing camo or hunting gear without actually wearing camo or hunting gear. Find solids in hunter or olive green (military colors) and pair them with an orange t-shirt.

Printed Shirts with Numbers
From Pyrex Vision to Mark McNairy, numbered printed shirts are definitely making a comeback this spring/summer season.

Cardigans are perfect for those cool nights and add a level of sophistication to any wardrobe.

Denim Jackets
Once again Yeah Yeah is taking a risk with cutting the sleeves off of his denim jacket, but in actuality, you can’t really go wrong with this timeless outerwear piece.

Striped shirts
Whether button down or in the form of T-shirt, striped shirts are just perfect for spring and summer.

Selvedge denim
Last but not least, selvedge denim was good enough for these kids during the dogs days of summer and they're good enough for you as well.