Valentine's Day Essentials

By Skip Brooks |

Since the big day is drawing near, we asked Todd to list his essentials to not only help you look your best but surprise that special someone this Valentine's Day.

  • Jacket
    Wearing a jacket on Valentine's Day is a requirement. Everyone loves a well dressed man.
    The Ludlow Suit Jacket by J.Crew

  • Tie
    Let her know you're serious by tying one on.
    Charcoal Wool Pointed Tie by Todd Snyder

  • Shave
    Because you never know if she wants to go in for a closer look.
    Fusion Compact Shaving Set

  • Make Reservations
    Even if she says, “I’m simple, there's no need for dinner” or “lets just stay in...” It's a trap. Don't EVER miss doing something because you will never live it down. Always surprise her by taking her someplace special. Show her that you put a lot of thought into it.
    ABC Kitchen

  • Flowers
    Circle of Lillies

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