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Spring 13 Inspiration

February 05, 2013 1 min read

Inspired by The English Patient, Todd Snyder’s new collection brings a great mixture of American staples in light fabrics and neutral colors for spring 2013. We asked Todd to give us the lowdown on what drew him to the classic movie, his favorite piece in the collection, and whether Ralph Fiennes was better as a Count or a Lord.

  • What about The English Patient inspired you to build a collection around it?
    Todd: Military has been a large influence for me in the past two seasons. I remembered how cool Ralph Fiennes looked in the movie and re-watched it. It was perfect for Spring. The desert neutral palette and military shorts were my starting point. I then added some sophistication by adding double breasted linen sportcoats.
  • Did you have a specific scene in mind from the movie?
    Todd: It was more of the costume in these two scenes. The colors were the starting point.
  • What colors and fabrics are prominent in the collection?
    Todd: Sun-faded brights... soft yellow, faded orange, washed out blues mixed with desert neutrals.
  • What’s your favorite piece from the SS13 collection?
    Todd: The cotton/metal suit. It has very little metal woven into the fabric to give a little wrinkle.
  • Last question, Ralph Fiennes as Count Laszlo de Almasy or Voldemort?
    Todd: He's a great actor. My kids love Harry Potter so I have to go with Lord Voldemort.