A few years ago Matthew Ruggieri was on the hunt for higher quality grooming products and couldn't find any outside of hidden nooks in department stores. "I was working in the music industry, but I knew I wanted to get into e-commerce," says Ruggieri. "We saw an opportunity and just started researching products, ingredients, skincare, and trying things." With help from his sister, Madison, Ruggieri launched The Motley out of his loft in downtown Los Angeles. "We had boxes of product everywhere — dresser drawers, the closet, the coffee table," jokes Madison, who left a job in film production to work with her brother on their editorial-driven store that not only sells great products, but does so with useful how-to's and tips. "Our bathrooms quickly became test labs for products we were considering for the store," adds Matthew. "Between the two of us, we've probably tried almost every men's grooming product on the market." We love that breadth of knowledge, and are happy to welcome The Motley to the City Gym store, where the Ruggieri's are curating a special collection for our customers. 

What are the essential grooming items for a man? 

Matt: You absolutely need a face wash, moisturizer and lip balm. 

Madison: I'd recommend trying Port Products Detoxifying Daily Cleanser and Balancing Daily Moisturizer for a simple, highly effective routine. Buckler's Chapped Lip Remedy is a must have especially now during winter. We developed all of these products to be the best on the market. We've tried everything and these are the ones we personally use daily.

Any new brands you're particularly loving right now?

Matt: We're really excited about Port Products which is the line we just launched. It's been a long time in the making and all three products – the cleanser, moisturizer and shave cream – are excellent. 

Madison: We also recently launched a line called Herbivore Botanicals for The Motley and it has some amazing all natural products. My personal favorite is the Hydrating Face Oil. It's perfect for winter skin and I pair it with the Port Products Balancing Daily Moisturizer.

Are there any products men tend to overlook that they shouldn't? 

Matt: I think men tend to overlook the benefits of a great candle, but really scent is a powerful thing and having an interesting candle burning in your home is a talking point.

Madison: I'm going to go back to face oil again. It's something that I think most men are scared of because they think that it will make them break out, but a good face oil can actually restore balance to the skin.

What's your favorite new product you're carrying at the moment? 

Madison: We're in love with The Motley Cologne Cologne Trio. It's a collection we created based off of traveling the globe. The scents range from fresh and light to dark and sensual. The trio is a brilliant way to try all three.

Why did you select the products you did to sell at the City Gym store? 

Madison: We selected these products for the City Gym store because we think they parallel the philosophy behind the store. To us, the City Gym store represents quality, simplicity and a respect for tradition with an updated twist to fit the modern man's lifestyle. We feel these products represent the same. For instance, Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy is an all natural, fragrance free, heavy duty hand cream that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave skin oily. The Port Products line is designed to be natural and effective. The Detoxifying Daily Cleanser contains glycol acid to gently exfoliate and brighten skin. The Balancing Daily Moisturizer soothes skin with ginger root, fights aging and keeps skin shine free. The Face Saving Shave Formula uses coconut oil to provide a great glide but won't clog the razor. Also our Easy Rider candle was a collaboration with Joya Studios in Brooklyn and its scent is a mix of leather, woodsmoke and orange flower.